How to prepare walls for painting.

It’s worth spending a little extra time and care preparing your walls prior to painting, this will provide a much better finish. Take a look at steps below to find out how to prepare newly plastered walls and previously painted walls.

If you can, take as much furniture as possible out of the room, or place in the centre of the room and cover with protective sheets.

Newly plastered walls.

  1. Make sure the plaster has fully dried out. You will see all of the dark patches change to a light pink/grey colour.
  2. Prepare a “mist” coat. For this you will need a contract matt emulsion and mix it 2 parts paint to 1 part water.
  3. Apply the mist coat and allow to fully dry.
  4. Check for any filling that needs to be done (it shouldn’t on new plaster but there will always be the odd few bits) and fill.
  5. Now all the walls must be fully sanded with 120 grit sandpaper to get rid of any uneven areas or bumps in the plaster and to sand the filler.
  6. Touch up any areas that has sanded back to bare plaster with the mist coat.

The walls are now ready for you to apply your top coats of emulsion.

Previously painted walls.

  1. Fully sand all the walls and scrape off any loose or flaking paint.
  2. Scrape out any cracks in the walls and fill any cracks, holes and indentations in the wall with a suitable interior filler.
  3. Check your walls for grease, crayons and dirty hand marks and wash with a sugar soap solution.
  4. Check for any mould or mildew and kill with mould killer and wash (see our blog post on painting over mould).
  5. Sand filler and then touch up with a flat matt paint (i.e. contract matt emulsion or acrylic primer/undercoat) this will stop the top coats from flashing (another blog coming soon on paint problems).

Your walls are now ready for you to apply your top coats of emulsion.

We hope this has helped you with your quest for perfectly painted walls but if it hasn’t and you need a professional decorator in Newcastle upon Tyne to do the work for you please contact us to arrange a free job consultation.