Antiviral Paint

During the current worldwide pandemic many people have really upped their hygiene game. Why not take it just that bit further and apply a antibacterial antimicrobial paint to your walls and woodwork to assist with your high hygiene levels? A paint has been proven to kill human coronavirus following tests in the UK, Italy and China.

Airlite’s paint is not only antiviral it is:

  • Antipollution
  • Antibacterial
  • Antimould
  • Anti Odour
  • Self Cleaning

This is fairly impressive by anyone’s standards!

Excert From Airlites Website

Airlite’s interior paint has been confirmed to have antivirus properties following independent tests conducted in the United Kingdom, Italy and China. The results show that surfaces painted with Airlite rendered a strain of Human Coronavirus inactive by over 99% after just 15 minutes. Airlite has also been tested against two further viruses: Influenza A virus H1N1 and Enterovirus71 (EN71).

In the earth’s atmosphere, sunlight slowly creates ions which are nature’s cleaners and air purifiers. Airlite’s patented paint massively accelerates this effect and enables light to perpetually create an ionised protective shield on and around the painted surface. When a virus comes into contact with this ionised shield, the hydroxide ions (OH-) aggressively steal a second hydrogen to return to water (H2O) from the lipid-protein layer of the virus. Without the lipid-protein layer, the virus harmlessly falls apart and is no longer infectious.