There are many reasons why you should use a professional painter and decorator. Below we describe some of the reasons why.
A professional painter and decorator will be time served and have at least 10 years experience giving them knowledge that you just won’t have. The experience and knowledge of a professional will allow them to do the job quicker, give an exceptional finish and overcome and problems that occur during the job.

There is a massive difference between a cheap roller and brush and what the professional will use to get your job done. The tools will be high quality (and expensive) brushes, rollers, dust sheets, dustless sanders, airless sprayers etc the list could go on and on and all of it is designed to create the perfect finish.
A professional will always help with advice about things you may not be sure about. Colours, textures, paper or paint etc.. He will also advise on the correct paint to use for a specific job and certain circumstances.
As most people have busy lives and not enough time in the day to do everything they would love to do time is precious. By hiring a professional decorator you can rest assured that your home will get decorated in a reasonable time without you wasting holidays from work, giving up your evenings and weekends or spending an age doing it.
Doing a full time job, looking after the family and doing all the day to day chores around the house is enough to stress any person out to start with. Add in a decorating project and those stress levels rise again, add a mistake or even worse a spillage and boom, those stress levels explode through the roof. Again using a professional avoids this and you will have the excellent end result you desire without any of the stress.
If you do it yourself and there is an accident and property is damaged then unfortunately you have to replace it yourself. A professional painter and decorator will have public liability insurance and although everything is expected to run smoothly accidents can happen and in this case will be fully covered and replaced at no cost to yourself.

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