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Your front door is the first thing any guest sees when arriving at your home. It can make a real statement to your home so don’t neglect it and let it fall into disrepair. If this is the case then you need to restore your door to its former beauty.

How to restore a wooden front door?

1. Remove any door furniture there is installed i.e. door handle, letter box, door numbers etc.

2. Using a heat gun or chemical strippers and a sharp tungsten scraper and shave hook strip all of the existing paint from the door. Try not to damage the door while doing this if possible.

3. Sand the door using a rough grade sandpaper (and preferably an electric sander) of around 60/80 grit.

4. Paint the door with a suitable exterior primer.

5. Fill any deep cracks and badly damaged areas with 2 part wood filler and sand when fully hardened.

6. Face fill the whole door with fine surface filler making sure you don’t miss any parts of the door. Let this fully harden.

7. Sand the whole door with medium grade sandpaper 150/180 grit.

8. Paint the door with a suitable exterior undercoat.

9. Sand the whole door with fine grade sandpaper 240 grit.

10. Paint the door a suitable exterior top coat of your choice and colour.

Love Colour Ltd recently completed a front door for one of our clients that had been neglected and have shown the steps taken below in a few photos.

This was a wooden door being restored but we also paint uPVC doors and composite doors.

Contact us for a free quote if you would like to make statement with your front door.

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